Who is CEPA?

The Commercial and Economic Planning Association was established in July 2017 to look after the interests of smaller developers, associated companies, and new home buyers.

If you are a small developer or are a service provider to small developers, please get in touch with us and join. We are growing quickly and your involvement will help us take a united voice to government and the wider community.

What makes The CEPA different?


Smaller and medium property industry participants need their own voice. CEPA will provide this.


CEPA advocates on behalf of small and medium property industry participants only.


CEPA is small and nimble, so can be responsive to members to ensure effective representation.


CEPA gives a voice to the smaller and medium participants and a seat at the table with government, local government, the media and the community. Until now, the voice of the smaller and medium players has been drowned out by the larger players, despite smaller developers supplying a majority of new housing.


Only CEPA works with members at the local government level, ensuring problems at this level of government are highlighted and resolved.


CEPA advocates on behalf of members, including on individual projects where government processes are causing delays.